Tentang Saya

a man, a son,  a brother, a lover, food-movie-music-laugh lover, part-time traveller.

Sept is an ordinary man
from an ordinary family

but with an EXTRAORDINARY mind and dream

to make a better world, someday

just 1 of seven billions population on earth

but try to stay UNIQ and USEFULL for others

I’m realize that I’m NOT PERFECT

but try to do all thing Perfect

knowing that i was created by love,

so i always try LOVE each other

and make LOVE as a foundation of my act, word, mind, and relationship

knowing that time is precious treasure, I try to never waste it

knowing life is short and just a rehearsal, I always think for ETERNALLY

knowing that GOD died for me, so I LIVE for HIM

life SIMPLE in this complicated world

stand on TRUTH in this fake world

live by FAITH and not by sight

COOL, CALM because the world is already noise

and wish live HAPPY ever after


One Response to Tentang Saya

  1. tentang saya says:

    Selamat Malam. Dapat dari socmed saya bisa sampai ke blog anda, setelah
    saya habiskan waktu untuk membaca beberapa postingan konten-kontennya sangatlah bagus juga ada beberapa tulisan-tulisan anda yang sangatlah banyak
    manfaatnya. Saya mohon izin ikut comment dan juga share beberapa
    tulisan ke social medka kepunyaan saya supaya biar situs ini tambah banyak pengunjungnya.
    Mudah mudahan selalu di tambah tulisan baru terus ya websitenya.

    Sukses Selalu

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